YOOA's Solo Debut will be on September 7th
YOOA's Solo Debut will be on September 7th
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YOOA, member of OH MY GIRL, has confirmed her debut on September 7.

Her agency WM Entertainment announced, "OH MY GIRL's YOOA will release a mini-album on September 7th and make her solo debut." She is the first to perform as a solo among the OH MY GIRL members, and this release is the first solo album in five years since their debut.

YOOA, who debuted in 2015 with her first mini-album "OH MY GIRL," has continued her career by topping the music charts with "Remember Me," "Secret Garden" and "The Fifth Season."

In addition, the title track of the 7th mini-album "NONSTOP" won the first place on various music charts in April, as well as the team's best performance since its debut as an eight-time music program winner.

In the meantime, YOOA has been known participating on various TV programs and entertainment shows, as well as music programs. In particular, YOOA proved her overwhelming performance by topping the final performance unit on Mnet's "Queendom" last year.

WM Entertainment mentioned, "The public's expectations for her solo appearance are high because she has been recognized for her potential with sublime performances on stage, sensuous vocal skills, and her talents."

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