Kang Daniel won the first place with his new song "Who U Are"
Kang Daniel won the first place with his new song "Who U Are"
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가수 강다니엘
Kang Daniel


[STNSPORTS=Christina Seorin Lee Editor]

Singer Kang Daniel topped the list with his comeback through "The Show."

Kang Daniel made a comeback with his second mini-album "MAGENTA" on SBS MTV's music program "The Show" on 11th, and at the simultaneously topped "The Show Choice" with his title track "Who U Are."

Kang Daniel said, "First of all, thank you so much for giving me this precious award." He expressed his gratitude to the fans by saying "Thanks to Danity's love for my new album 'Magenta,' I think I'm being greedy to produce better results. I'll continue to show you great performances, so please look forward to the future Kang Daniel as well. Thank you for the support" he said. 

Then when "Who U Are" came out for the encore stage, Kang Daniel started a ventriloquist live, which he had made a pledge to perform when he wins the first place. Although he burst into laughter for a while due to the applause of the dancers on stage, he showed his best efforts to fulfill his pledge by seriously venturing into ventriloquism.

The title track "Who U Are," which gave him the honor of winning the first-place trophy since its comeback, is receiving enthusiastic cheers from fans by its unrivaled concepts and colorful performances that suits Kang Daniel well.

Meanwhile, Kang Daniel is continuing his career by solidifying his position as a solo artist.


STNSPORTS=Christina Seorin Lee




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