Dreamcatcher released their personal teaser images
Dreamcatcher released their personal teaser images
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The group Dreamcatcher heralded a special world through individual teaser images.

Dreamcatcher Company released the last personal teaser image of its fifth mini-album "Dystopia: Lose Myself" on its official SNS channel.

In the image, Dreamcatcher stands in a dark forest. The mysterious smog in the photo reveals the mysterious charm. The photograph perfectly blends with Dreamcatcher's unique fantasy story.

Dreamcatcher has completed the release of its personal teaser image. They will present a special combination as a group through the group images of four concepts released so far.

In addition to the teaser images, Dreamcatcher's comeback contents will continue. Starting with the track list containing the album's information o 7th, there will be a lyric spoiler on 10th, there will also be a highlight medley of the new mini album "Insomnia" on the 11th.

There are also hints of music videos and performances that are drawing much attention every comeback. On the 12th and 14th, the music video teaser for the title song will be released, and on the 13th, the title song dance preview will foretell the new stage of the Dreamcatcher.

Meanwhile, Dreamcatcher will release its fifth mini-album "Dystopia: Lose Myself" on the 17th and begin their comeback activities.

photo=Dreamcatcher Company

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