ChungHa collaborated with R3HAB for her new single "Dream of You"
ChungHa collaborated with R3HAB for her new single "Dream of You"
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Solo artist Chung Ha has made a global collaboration.

ChungHa released a credit poster of her new single "Dream of You" on her official SNS at midnight on 24th. The released image shows ChungHa staring at the camera with confident eyes. 

In particular, "With R3HAB," is written above "Dream of You," which catches peoples attention. The "COLLABORATION SINGLE," which has been unveiled since the release of the time table and photo teaser, is known as R3HAB, a universal DJ and producer from the Netherlands.

R3HAB is a talented DJ who has drawn attention for creating remixes of world-class musicians such as Rihanna, Drake, Coldplay, Madonna, Lady Gaga and Maroon 5. As a producer who is capable of handling various genres, he has also collaborated with popular K-pop artists several times. Music fans are paying attention to what synergy effect would be created by Chung Ha's unique tone and the explosive energy of R3HAB.

Chungha's new single "Dream of You (with R3HAB)" is an electronic genre led by a thick bass line with house rhythms and lines, combining retro sounds from string, brass and vocoder with dreamy synthesizer sounds. It is expected to be a song that shows the charm of Chung Ha's mid and low-pitched tones as her recent song "Bad Boy."

Meanwhile, Chungha's new single "Dream of You (with R3HAB)" will be released on music sites on noon on the 27th.

photo=MNH Entertainment

STNSPORTS=Christina Seorin Lee


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