MINO will Release his First Full-Length Solo Album on 30th
MINO will Release his First Full-Length Solo Album on 30th
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YG엔터테인먼트는 15일 오후 공식 블로그에 'MINO - 2nd FULL ALBUM 'TAKE' RELEASE POSTER'를 게재했다.

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MINO, a member of the group WINNER will release his first full-length solo album in about two years on the 30th.

YG Entertainment posted "MINO - 2nd FULL ALBUM 'TAKE' RELEASE POSTER" on its official blog on the 15th. On the poster released, there is no information included except the album name "TAKE" and the release date October 30th. According to the fan announcement made by YG, MINO's solo full-length album will contain more than 10 songs.

MINO received compliments after the release of his first full-length solo album "XX" with 12 songs, which he participated in producing all of them. At that time, the album's title track "Finance" was popular, winning and maintaining the top on the music charts in Korea.

As MINO is highly known with his talent in fashion, photography, and painting as well as music, his new album brings a lot of attention. 

photo=YG Entertainment

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