CL Will Unveil Her New Song on 29th
CL Will Unveil Her New Song on 29th
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씨엘은 17일 공식 SNS를 통해 컴백을 예고했다.

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CL has confirmed her comeback on the 29th.

CL announced the release of her new song at 1 p.m. on the 29th with the phrase "+ 2020. 10. 29 1PM KST+," along with a teaser image on her official SNS on the 17th. She also mentioned "NOT 1 BUT 2", saying that there will be two new songs, not one.

This is the first new song to be released 10 months after the project album "In the Name of Love" released last December. In particular, fans' expectations are higher than ever, as it is a formal new song that CL has worked on for a new start.

CL has released an intro video called "Post Up" in September and predicted that she would continue to release new songs and albums from October. She will start her activities after the release of this new song.

In addition, CL will not only release new songs but also approach fans who have been waiting for her for a long time through various media. CL will unveil the new song on the 29th.


STNSPORTS=Christina Seorin Lee


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