BLACKPINK Released their New Song "Ice Cream"
BLACKPINK Released their New Song "Ice Cream"
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BLACKPINK's new song "Ice Cream" is released.

Black Pink's "Ice Cream" topped iTunes charts in 20 countries, including Brazil, Hong Kong, Mexico, New Zealand and Vietnam.

"Ice Cream" is a pop song with a simple rhythm and cheerful sound that matches well with the hot summer like its title. The music video drew attention universally as Selena Gomez showed up.

BLACKPINK wants to share good energy with fans around the world through "Ice Cream." They announced, "We hope this song could make many people who are going through hardships to chill."

"Ice Cream" was produced by TEDDY, the head of YG Black Label, who has been in charge of all songs since Black Pink's debut. Tommy Brown and Mr. Franks who produced hit songs of several pop stars like 24 and Ariana Grande, also participated in producing.

In particular, Ariana Grande drew attention by posting her own name on the music work credit.

photo=YG Entertainment

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