CLC released three cover videos as a surprise to its fans
CLC released three cover videos as a surprise to its fans
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큐브 엔터테인먼트는 지난 17일부터 사흘간 CLC(씨엘씨) 공식 유튜브 채널에 커버 영상 3종을 공개했다.

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CLC has begun to prepare its comeback by releasing a cover video that shows the charms of the members.

Cube Entertainment released three cover videos of CLC on its official YouTube channel for three days from the 17th.

First, Seung-hee and Eun-bin covered Baek Ye-rin's "Cross the Universe." The two boasted perfect harmony with their clean, pure voices. 

Elkie appealed to the viewers by singing Olivia Ong's "Fly Me To The Moon" in her way. In the video, Elkie stood in front of the stand microphone in a silky dress, singing in her clear voice.

Seung-yeon and Yu-jin, the main dancers in the team, showed a powerful performance to the song Hurricane Chris's "Halle Berry." The two showed hip-hop performances at a retro-style skating rink. The choreography created excitements within the fans, and the solo performances also mesmerizing the viewers.

CLC's cover video series was a surprise to its fandom "CHESHIRE," who have waited for a year absence. The fans also expressed their affection for the comeback, saying that "CLC has given us a really beautiful gift," and "As much as we've waited, we're looking forward to this comeback."

CLC released a new official logo ahead of its comeback scheduled in early September, foretelling its transformation, which has led global fans with curiosity.

photo=CUBE Entertainment

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