NU'EST announced its release of Japanese album "Drive"
NU'EST announced its release of Japanese album "Drive"
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The group NU'EST has confirmed the release of its Japanese album in about five years.

The agency Pledis Entertainment said, "NU'EST will release its Japanese album 'Drive', which contains a total of 14 songs including the original Japanese song."

NU'EST's Japanese album "Drive" will be released in about five years after Japanese first full-length album "Bridge The World" released on November 20, 2015. This new album will include the original Japanese song "Drive" and the special digital single "A Song For You". In addition, there will be a total of 14 songs, including "Call Me Back," "LOVE ME," "I'm in Trouble," and "Back To Me."

The title track "Drive" is literally a drive-themed song. It is a pleasant medium tempo song that combines a mature atmosphere that seems to be running on a highway. NU'EST members participated in writing and composing the song along with producer to make it even more perfect.

Meanwhile, NU'EST will unveil NU'EST ON-CLIP 'UNBOXING' every Sunday through Naver V LIVE channel from September 13 to October 11.

photo=Pledis Entertainment

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