Blackpink will be coming back on August 28th
Blackpink will be coming back on August 28th
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The group BLACKPINK's second special new song will be released on August 28. Before the release of the first full-length album, BLACKPINK will be heating up the global music market.

YG Entertainment posted a poster of BLACKPINK's "NEW SINGLE RELEASE" on its official blog at 9 a.m. on the 4th. The phrase "2020.08.28 Fri" was clearly shown, signaling that the release date of their new song is not far off.

The lovely image of the BLACKPINK's four members in a sweet pink background stands out as well. Each of the members shows their own charms.

In addition, among these four cuts, the question mark in the middle is raising fans' curiosity about the featured singer who will be with BLACKPINK. Black Pink, already appealed to global music fans with the collaboration song "Sour Candy" with pop star Lady Gaga.

BLACKPINK has already achieved remarkable results by breaking various K-pop records on both domestic and foreign music charts and YouTube with its pre-released title "How You Like That," which was released in June.

"How You Like That" broke the K-pop girl group's highest ranking by ranking 13th in music broadcasting, second in the Spotify Global Top 50 chart, 20th on the British Official Singles Chart and 33rd on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart, as well as "Perfect All Kill," a major domestic music chart including Melon.

On YouTube, it was listed on the Guinness World Records in five categories, including "Most Viewed in 24 Hours," and surpassed 100 million views, 200 million views, and 300 million views in the shortest period in the music video field. The number of subscribers has also increased rapidly, making it the number one female artist in the world beyond Ariana Grande in the field.

BLACKPINK has not only gained public popularity, but also gained musical acclaim as an artist. Tracklist, a global music magazine recognized for its authority in the field of criticism, lists top 50 artists around the world every year, and Black Pink ranked 33rd in the latest Twitter rankings, ranking the top K-pop singer of the year. In addition, on the track list's "2020 Top 25 Singles" chart, BLACKPINK ranked 7th and 10th with "How You Like That" and "Sour Candy," respectively, raising its K-pop status.

Following their second new song, BLACKPINK will release their first full-length album in four years in this October. YG Entertainment  announced the date by the schedule about two months later, saying "BLACKPINK will focus on global markets with systematic and thorough planning and practice in 2020."

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