BTS will release an English single 'Dynamite' this month
BTS will release an English single 'Dynamite' this month
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방탄소년단은 3일 공식 SNS에 'Dynamite'라고 적힌 새로운 로고를 올렸다.
BTS's new logo "Dynamite"

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The K-pop boyband BTS unveiled the title of its new digital single, which is scheduled to be released on August 21.

BTS posted a new logo written "Dynamite" on its official social media. 'Dynamite' is the title of the new song, which will be released worldwide on 21st. BTS has also replaced its SNS profile background with this new "Dynamite" logo featuring diverse colors, drawing attention from fans around the world.

This official content is currently an issue as it is the first to be released after announcing its plan to release a new single last month.

BTS previously mentioned on Naver V LIVE official channel saying, "We will release a single song for ARMY on August 21," adding, "It is a very exciting English song like 'MIC Drop' that was released earlier and 'Waste It On Me' which we have participated in featuring."

They continued by saying "It's a very difficult time around the world as the COVID-19 continues, so we wanted to give our fans some energy. We also needed a new breakthrough for unexpected situations, and it is likely to be a fresh attempt and challenge. We want to enjoy this song with you guys as soon as possible."

Meanwhile, with its fourth full-length album "MAP OF THE SOUL: 7," BTS ranked No. 1 on the Gaon Chart, a Korean-certified music chart, and also earned the Quadruple Million certification with sales of 4.26 million copies. In addition, the number of simultaneous users of the real-time online performance "Bangbang Concert The Live," which was held on June 14, hit a new Guinness world record of "Live Streaming Music Concert viewed by the most viewers."

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