Kang Daniel announced his Come Back this March
Kang Daniel announced his Come Back this March
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  • 승인 2020.03.03
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가수 강다니엘
Kang Daniel


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Singer Kang Daniel hinted his comeback.

Kang Daniel released a surprise image of his comeback through his official website and SNS, drawing the attention of many fans.

The released photo only lists the name of "KANGDANIEL" and the date "2020.03" on a blue background, which stimulates fans' curiosity about the new album.

강다니엘 컴백 티징 이미지
Kang Daniel's ComeBack teaser image

He recently posted a photo on his official Instagram, where he was in a recording studio, which made his fans raise expectations for his comeback.

Currently, Kang Daniel is speeding up his last-minute album work, and trying to start his activities about three months after his digital single "TOUCHIN," which was released last November.

photos=Konnect Entertainment




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