Twice’s Tokyo Dome concert were sold out in 3 minutes
Twice’s Tokyo Dome concert were sold out in 3 minutes
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The girl group TWICE's two Tokyo Dome performance concerts are sold out.

TWICE will hold "WOLRD TOUR 2019 TWICELIGHTS IN JAPAN" in Tokyo on March 3 and 4.

Ticket reservations began on February 9th, and it only took 3 minutes to be sold out. Twice held the Tokyo Dome concert in last March, and became a group that made the quickest debut at Tokyo Dome as a foreign artist. It has been a year since their last concert.

"& Twice-Repackage-" and "Swing," which were released in Japan on the February 5th, are popular in Japan. "Swing" was composed and arranged by Lee Woo-min, who produced TWICE's hit songs "KNOCK KNOCK" and "What Is Love?"

TWICE is currently hosting a world tour concert of 29 performances in 17 cities around the world, including four cities in America. They will also unveil the original YouTube content featuring the back story of the world tour.

photos=JYP Entertainment



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