GFriend Released the TimeTable of the New Mini Album 'LABYRINTH'
GFriend Released the TimeTable of the New Mini Album 'LABYRINTH'
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여자친구의  새 미니앨범 ‘回:LABYRINTH’의 컴백 타임테이블
time table of GFriend's new mini album ‘LABYRINTH’


[STNSPORTS=Christina Seorin Lee EDITOR]

The group “GFriend” unveiled the comeback timetable ahead of the release of the new album.

GFriend announced the comeback timetable for the new mini album, “LABYRINTH" on the official SNS channel.

The released timetable contains an image of a logo depicting the maze, as well the schedule for the release for “LABYRINTH."

Starting with "A Tale of the Glass Bead: Previcious Story" on January 21, GFriend will release track list, concept photo, music video teaser, highlight medley and music video sequentially.

In particular, the album is the first of its kind to be released under the label of Big Hit Entertainment by GFriend’s Source Music, and will perform high-quality contents through mutual organic cooperation.

With only the album name "LABYRINTH" released so far, ‘Crossroads’, ‘Room’, and ‘Twisted’ are three versions of concept photos to be released. The comeback raises more expectations on what other concept music and performances would be.

Meanwhile, the new mini-album, "LABYRINTH," will be released on February 3.

photo=Source Music



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