Paper Announces BLACK PINK as "The Most Influential K-pop Artist of 2019"
Paper Announces BLACK PINK as "The Most Influential K-pop Artist of 2019"
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BLACKPINK is selected as the most influential K-pop artist of 2019 in the field of Internet culture and social media.

‘PAPER’, a leading U.S. culture and art magazine, announced the winner for 2019 "The Break the Internet Awards." BLACKPINK was listed in the "K-Pop Sensation" category.

While popular pop stars like Rihanna and Billy Eilish have been awarded in various fields, BLACKPINK has brought up the "K-pop" genre as one of the Awards selection list.

BLACKPINK was recognized for its global influence by creating a K-pop sensation media through "Kill This Love," which was released last year.

‘Paper’ recounted the record of BLACKPINK’s "Kill This Love" music video, garnering 56.7 million views within the first 24 hours since release, and the live performence on the Coachella Festival stage.

'Paper' said, "When it comes to global sensations, BLACKPINK is one of the biggest. The triumphant horns of “Kill this Love,” alone, prove the group won't go down without a fight, and it's clearly resonating.” “They bring a refreshing and new kind of supergroup to the table.”

BLACKPINK is one the most popular K-pop artists with many Instagram followers, and also shows the power of its music on social media. The four members' personal Instagram and the official BLACKPINK Instagram followers have all surpassed 20 million, and are still increasing.

Although it has been less than a year since the release of the music video of "Kill This Love”, it recently surpassed 700 million views on YouTube. The explosive YouTube views proves the popularity of BLACKPINK and K-pop, which are spreading worldwide through social media.

At the time of its release, "Kill This Love" simultaneously entered the Billboard "Hot 100" and "Billboard 200”, each at 41st and 24th, respectively, breaking the record of K-pop girl group’s first and the best ranking records. It also stayed on both charts for four weeks in a row, also breaking the longest-running record for K-pop girl group.

In addition, it was ranked on 33rd in "Top 100," the British Official Singles Chart, achieving the new record as K-pop girl group and making in to chart for five consecutive weeks.

BLACKPINK met fans from all over the world through its first world tour, making 32 performances in 23 cities on four continents last year. BLACKPINK has been on a Japanese dome tour since last December, and will make a final performance in Yahuoku dome in Fukuoka on February 22.

BLACKPINK is currently working on a new album during Japanese dome tour. As BLACKPINK brought universal sensation through “Kill This Love" in 2019, fans are looking forward to it.

photo=provided by YG Entertainment



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